Winter Outfit Mens

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I know that winter is not came yet, but here in Milan the weather is getting colder day by day so I wanted to write a post about a winter outfit for mens.

Some day ago I went to the mountain and there was already the first snow so, before to go, I wondered: what should I wear? Here is the answer.



As I said I needed a mountain outfit, so I chose a really casual look, because I wanted to stay comfortable and because I knew I had to play with my niece

with the snow!
But you know, fashion never sleeps, so I wanted something cool for the day and this is my choice:

– I chose the beige classic Timberland boots, I needed to keep warm and to avoid to fall walking on the snow (and ice).
– I had a black sweater, I love when sweaters make us feel warm and protected during the cold days!
– The trousers are a grey jeans, easy and comfortable!
– The coat was a denim jacket with the eco fur in the inside, on

e of the trends of this winter (click here to know the best coats for mens)!
– Last, but not least, the sunglasses: it’s true that in the mountain is really cold, but you need to protect yours eyes from the sun and sunglasses are always super trendy!

This was my winter outfit for mens; what to you think about it? Let me know with a comment below the pic on my Instagram @TheItalianSam and don’t forget to follow me! 🙂


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