What to do in Milan

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What To Do In Milan

Milan is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, not so big, but really full of treasures and places to discover, even for who is Italian (like me)! What to do in Milan? In this post I’ll go to explain you the 3 best things to do in Milan, and what to see, dividing the city in 3 parts.
Are you ready? Let’s go around Milan!


What to do in Milan, Zone 1:
Duomo and Vittorio Emanuele Gallery.

Sure, you’ll say “I already knew this”, but are you sure to know everything about Duomo and Vittorio Emanuele’s Gallery? I wouldn’t be so sure If I were you.

Duomo Cathedral was started to be built in 1386 and now it is the biggest Church in Italy and the fifth in the world, so it definetely deserve to be visited. My suggestion? Don’t miss the opportunity to go in the


rooftop of the Cathedral, especially during sunny days: you’ll have a beautiful view of the city and the architecture is really amazing!
P.S. Don’t be lazy and don’t use the lift, by stairs it’s much more better, trust me!

The second thing you must visit in this first zone is the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, a gallery with luxury shops and restaurants where you’ll can a perfect work of art, from the floor to the iron roof.

Out of the gallery you’ll find Piazza La Scala, where you’ll see one of the most important theathers of the world, but the real hidden treasure of the Vittorio Emanuele’s Gallery is the roof, where you can walk and go to have a tasty breakfast in front a breathless view of Milan.


What to do in Milan, Zone 2: Sforza Castle and Sempione Park.

Let’s to discover now the second zone that I love of Milan: going straight from the Duomo (and walking in Brera streets), you’ll arrive in front of Sforza Castle, a beautiful castle built in the 14th century by Francesco Sforza. Sforza Castle is now a place where you can find many museums and art galleries.


If you prefer walking you can visit the outside of the Sforza Castle and arrive to the Sempione Park,  established in 1888 and close to the Arch of Peace and Triennale of Milan, the design and art museum of the city (here you can find one of the exhibitions I’ve seen there).


What to do in Milan, Zone 3: Porta Nuova and Navigli.

Now we are arrived in the new face of Milan and, if you follow me on Instagram, you know I really love this new zone because give to Milan a new modern identity.

From Porta Nuova you’ll can see many new buildings, and walking you can arrive to the Piazza Gae Aulenti, opened in 2012 and from where you can see many of the new buidings of Milan: the Unicredit Tower (it’s the highest building in Italy), Palazzo Lombardia, Diamond Tower, Breda, Gafa and Garibaldi Towers, Pirelli Tower and the Vertical Forest, called Bosco Vericale in Italian, a pair of residential towers with trees, shrubs and perennials on its facades.what-to-do-in-milan
I’m really amazed by this part because only ten years ago this part of Milan was totally different, almost empty, and with the Porta Nuova project all is changed, giving a new value to this area of the city.

We have talked about museums, art, architecture and design, but I’m pretty sure after all this walks and culture you need a stop to relax and enjoy yourself. Am I right?
So listen my last suggestion: if you want to go out and enjoy like a really italian does, go to Naviglio Grande after 18.30/19 and you’ll find a big canal full of bars where you’ll can drink a cocktail and try the “aperitivo” an Italian habit that allows to you to drink and eat a the same time! Not bad, uh?

So now you know everything about Milan, get ready yours luggages and come here to enjoy the city!

All the pics of this post are mine, if you want to see more follow me on Instagram!

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