Men’s Outfit For A Boat Trip

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What to wear for a boat trip? That’s what I asked when I went to the first time in a boat, exploring the Asinara’s island, close to Sardinia!

The trip was from Stintino and took us to many areas of the Asinara’s island like the prison colony and the rehabilitation center for marine turtles.

As you can imagine this wasn’t a formal or elegant trip, because we were in a sailing ship and then we had to explore the island by walk so I needed a comfy, but stylish outfit!


The perfect men’s outfit for  boat trip!

What to wear for a boat trip? Here is the perfect men’s outfit for a boat trip:

  1. The first thing I wanted to take with me was an hat, because we were all day under the sun so it was really important protect the head (for the body don’t forget the sun protection cream!);
  2. Shirt o t-shirt? It depends on what kind of trip you will do; in my case I chose a t-shirt because I needed to be comfortable and I chose the white because I wanted to stay fresh all day. If you want to stay more elegant I suggest you a shirt ( especially in linen), like a striped shirt, you’ll never be wrong!
  3. What kind of trousers for a day in a boat? If you’ll have a wild trip like mine I suggest you to wear a swimwear, so you’ll be ready to have a bath in the middle of the beautiful sea (I chose a blue one with white flowers).
    Obviously if you want to stay more formal it will be better wear trousers, or shorts. Which one? I love the linen trousers, especially blue or white.
  4. Last part of the men’s outfit for aboat trip are the shoes.

    I think this is the easiest part: choose the boat shoes, you will find many models and colors of them and, for sure, are the best choice!

    Now you are ready to go and explore the sea and beaches all over the world!
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