Make-up for men: Chanel launches “Boy de Chanel”

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Chanel launched a make-up line for men: let’s discover more about the products and to know when we’ll have them in Europe.

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“Boy the Chanel”: the first make-up line for men by Chanel.

After the unisex perfume “Boy”, Chanel keeps to be a flag for the no gender fashion trend (read more here) and creates this line of make-up dedicated to all the men.

Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel was one of the first to use “male clothes” for female collections, tha’ts why now they want to do the same with make-up.

The “Boy de Chanel” line is composed by three products:

  1.  Tinted foundation: it will be possible choose between 8 shades
  2. Matte lip balm: it is a moisturing lip balm to hydratate and keep safe ours lips
  3. Brow pencils:  for the brow pencils there are 3 different colors available

I just wonder why they didn’t think about a eye concealer, I think it would be really useful to cover imperfections like pimples.

The make-up line for men by Chanel is already available in South Korea, but soon it will  be sold everywhere.
Indeed within next spring Europe, USA and all the countries will have the “Boy de Chanel” available.

Most of people think that make-up is not for men, and I’ve read negative comments about it, but why?
I think there is nothing wrong if a guy feels more confortable wearing make-up!

Actually I have never used it, but I admite that I’m really curious to try them and see the results.

I know that my blog is called “defects make us perfect”, but if we can improve them, why don’t try? 😉

What do you think about it? Have you ever tried make-up?

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