FuoriSalone 2019: the best 5 exhibitions at Milano Design Week.

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From the 9th to the 14th of April in Milan there was the Design Week, the week in which in Milan the city is transformed and every corner of the city comes to life with hundreds of Fuorisalone events.  Obviously I didn’t miss them and I want to take you with me to discover the 5 best Fuorisalone 2019 exhibitions!

What FuoriSalone is?

All the brands challenge each other with events to present their design innovations, but not only. The set of all these events scattered around the city is called FuoriSalone (literally “Out of Salone”) because they are located outside the Salone del Mobile, at the Rho exhibition center.

In this article I will write my personal top 5 of the events that struck me most for the interactivity, involvement and presentation of the exhibition.

But first I want to make a small premise:
1. first, as always, what I write is the result of my personal tastes and what fascinates me most, it is not the opinion of an expert in the field of design;
2. none paid me, neither the brands that I will go to quote, so I’m just going to show you the exhibition from my point of view, as I always do.

That said, we can start with my top 5 exhibitions at the Fuorisalone 2019!

Fuorisalone 2019: my top 5 exhibitions!

5. Weaving the cosmos by Tomás Saraceno – Bulgari


Let’s start with a really special exhibition of the Fuorisalone 2019, curated by Tomás Saraceno, “Weaving the Cosmo”.

This a short exhibition in which you will be catapulted into a completely dark environment where you will find in a room several showcases full of cobwebs, the result of a experiment lasted for years.

What is it about? In practice, spiders were put inside a glass case and left a few weeks to weave their webs, after which they were replaced with other spiders to understand how they could react. The result was that the “new” spider continued to work exactly where its predecessor had left off.

This is how you will be able to admire really complex works, made up of cobwebs and which have exceptional artists, spiders in fact. Certainly an interesting and original idea, probably it could have been better organized, but it certainly deserves to be among the most interesting of this Fuorisalone.

4. A new moka is blooming – Alessi


In fourth place “A new moka is blooming”, Alessi’s exhibition dedicated to one of the most important objects for us Italians: the Moka.

After a survey on my Instagram profile, I actually realized that many non-Italian people don’t know this object so I want to start with a short explanation: the Moka, also known as Italian coffee maker, was invented in 1933 by Alfonso Bialetti to be able to bring the coffee in everyone’s home, without needing a coffee machine.

In this interesting exhibition Alessi accompanies us in the evolution of the Moka design produced by them, up to the most recent model of 2019.

Also noteworthy is the reconstructed bar downstairs where it was possible to sip a coffee … strictly made with mocha!

3. Archiproducts, Via Tortona 31


Every year is an unmissable stop for me, but I also for all design and FuoriSalone fans.

Archiproducts offer a selection of the latest technologies and cutting-edge supplies that will not leave you indifferent.

fuorisalone-2019-archiproductsThis year, for example, you could find a home automation system was introduced, thanks to which it is possible to remotely control the switching on and off of the lights, as well as the opening and closing of the blinds.

The view from the terrace is also beautiful, from which you can see the other installations and the people that circulate between being, at number 31 of Via Tortona.

2. The Light Gate meets Creative Academy + The Light Experience by IGuzzini


One of the most beautiful exhibitions was the one organized by Iguzzini which is divided into two distinct parts:

– in the first we find the works of the 20 students of the Creative Academy, coming from 12 different Countries of the world.
Some of them will accompany the visitor to discover their works, revealing the secrets hidden behind each one of them.

Among the ones that struck me most is the work of a French student, Fanny, who with her “Cicatrice” created a work in which a flower is born from a scar on the skin, to symbolize that every wound can help us to give birth to something beautiful.

– The second part is the “Light Experience” path in the permanent headquarters of Guzzini, where you can see the lights of the famous brand at work.
Noteworthy, along with the light show, is the screening of Leonardo’s last dinner, of which you can see the photo below.

fuorisalone-2019-iguzzini-creative-academyThe highlight of this exhibition? The fact of being accompanied in every corner of the exhibition, thus having the possibility of knowing the details of the works, directly from those who created them!

1. Alex Chinneck for Iqos


My favorite exhibition of the Fuorisalone 2019 is the work of Alex Chinneck for Iqos: one of the most photographed in absolute of the Fuori Salone 2019, his house with the hinge cannot leave you indifferent.


In addition to the undeniable external visual impact, however, it is the interior that makes the difference: a path in which other works with hinges are accompanied by plays of lights that change in rotation. The first space has a circle in the center of the room and, looking over the open zip, it almost seems like being able to enter another dimension.

Brilliant then the idea, in the last room, of being able to enter inside the big t-shirt: going up on the left side it was in fact possible to stay in the center of it to take a picture that was then immediately printed and delivered to the exit, on the right side.

A really suggestive journey, as you can see from the photos, which allowed me to get to know an artist like Alex Chinneck (here his Instagram) from an immense talent.

With his ideas makes us understand how much behind everything, there is always much more (see the idea of hinge that opens to an imaginary dimension and open to any interpretation).


Milano Design Week

If you have never been to Milan during the Design Week I suggest you come because the city really changes its face and, in addition to the Salone del Mobile, you will be overwhelmed by the stimuli and events of the Fuorisalone.

To discover all the photos related to this event, I invite you to go to my Instagram and to watch the “FuoriSalone 2019” featured stories where you will find all the places I visited during that weekend!

One last thing: if you liked this article, share it with all design enthusiasts like you, you will help me to get to know me 🙂


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