5 things to do in Sofia

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A few months ago I found myself, a bit ‘for fun, a bit’ because I needed a little escape from everyday life, a trip to Sofia.

It was a city that I had often read about, that fascinated me with its mix of cultures and that differed from all the other cities I had visited before.

After spending a few days in the capital of Bulgaria I will go and tell you which ones are, in my opinion, the 5 things to do in Sofia!

Before leaving, some general tips:
1. Change your money in the local currency, you will save a lot of money!
2. If you are only two passengers, go by taxi, it is cheap and you will be able to reach every corner of the city.

Are you ready to leave with me? Let’s go!

5 things to do in Sofia: 1) The St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

The St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Sofia
The St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Sofia

The St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is probably the most famous symbol of the Bulgarian capital, which is why I suggest starting from here!

This Cathedral was built in 1892 and was completed in 1912, and after more than a century it is still one of the largest Orthodox Cathedrals in the world: think that it can hold up to 5,000 people inside you!

It is a very important symbol for the citizens of the city, also because it was built precisely with their donations, in memory and honor of those killed in the war.

In short, you can not say that you were in Sofia if you have not visited it, both inside and out!

One last tip: go and see this cathedral even at night, the view will be truly magical.

5 things to do in Sofia: 2) Church and Necropolis of Saint Sofia

A short walk from St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is also the Church of St. Sophia, built much earlier, between the fourth and sixth centuries, with a much more modest architecture.

It is its interior, however, that stands out and makes it unique: under the Church you can find a vast Necropolis, in which there is also a mosaic in addition to the tombs that you will visit in a short but very significant.

The cost of the ticket is just over 3 euros, but it is absolutely worth it (if you want to see some videos about it go on my Instagram and in the “Sofia” hilight you will find videos and photos!)!

5 things to do in Sofia: 3) National Art Gallery


If you are a fan of art, a stop at the National Art Gallery is a must!

I love art, and every time I go into a museum I get lost for hours and hours … in this case an hour will be enough, but you will see some little known and very beautiful works that deserve to be seen!

Among the many Bulgarian artists present in the National Gallery of Art I was very impressed by a portrait of a man painted Ilyav Petrov, of which I put a picture here on the side!

The cost of the entrance is 3 euros more or less and inside of the museum you’ll can find a shop with souvenirs: I’ve visited a lot around the city, but this is the best one, where you can find quality objects for the right price.

So, after the tour of the museum, you’ll can also buy all the gifts like magnets, spices, typical Bulgarian perfume, etc.

5 things to do in Sofia: 4) City Center

We could not miss the city center: certainly the most modern part, where history and moderation meet within a few meters!5-things-to-do-in-sofia

You can in fact find the remains of the ancient walls with the Church of Saint George to make background (as you can see in the picture at the end of the article), the Statue of Sveta Sofia (which you see behind my ugly face!) and the beautiful square, decked with plants of beautiful flowers.

The center, however, certainly does not end here: just take a few steps to get to the shopping street where you will find shops such as Zara, H & M, Cartier and all those we are used to in the major European capitals.

It is incredible the contrast between the city centre and the lower part of the city, near botev street where you’ll can find the typical shops and markets where people buy vegetables, clothes, etc.

5 things to do in Sofia: 5) Bulgarian Food

Always staying in the center of the city there are obviously bars (like the Italian one, right in front of the Serdika metro station and a few steps from the Italian Chamber of Commerce), or a very popular fast food in the city called Happy Bar where you can eat practically anything at very low prices (including typical Bulgarian dishes!).

My advice, however, is to look for the most typical restaurants, maybe even a little further from the center: this is the case of Manastirska Magernitsa Restaurant, a restaurant I went to and I ate very well (you can find all the dinner on myhighlight  stories titled “Sofia” on Instagram).

Another thing that will be hard to resist are the dozens of shops that sell street food, especially desserts that look really delicious.

Well, now that I told you the 5 things to do in Sofia you’re wondering:

the night, where I go to have fun? Don’t worry, even under this point of view, Sofia will not disappoint you!

There are really many clubs, I have chosen one that seems to be among the most famous and well-visited in the city: Once Upon Time Biblioteka, which is right next to the National Library and has its interiors furnished as if we were inside of a real library.
Only negative note: most of the bathrooms of the men are without doors … if you are shy like me you have to wait for you to get the bathroom with the door! Lol


The things to see would be really many, but I promised 5 so I will not dwell further. After all the cities must be discovered without too many plans, it will be much more fun!

If you have shared this article with all your friends on your social networks, maybe you will convince them to spend a weekend in Sofia with you! 😉

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